Escort service in Puerto Vallarta

Mexican resort Puerto Vallarta offers hundreds of opportunities to all tourists and vacationers. Here one can enjoy comfortable beaches, solitary Pacific bays, tropical jungles and excellent tourist complexes comprising at their territories high-class hotels, stylish restaurants and shops of European level. All the above mentioned is already more than enough for the wonderful pastime of the most demanding travelers. But if one wishes to make his rest colorful and unforgettable, why not add some zest, dating a hot Latina sex professional? The local prostitutes know how to please a man, that’s why their competence and skills are well-known all over the world. But to avoid whatever complications in your intimate leisure, it’s of the utmost importance to choose the dating place correctly.

Where are the prostitutes picked up in Puerto Vallarta?

In every big Mexican city, there is a so-called “Red zone”, where all the night life is concentrated, including bordellos, intimate salons and individual prostitutes. Such quarters function absolutely legally – a few years ago the majority of Mexican states legalized the intimate industry, taxed it and created special controlling services. Nevertheless, in the poor areas of Puerto Vallarta, the prostitutes don’t stick to the established rules, so it wouldn’t be wise to get involved in precarious dating at some ill-reputed booze-and-fun night places. If you are planning to closely contact some Latina beauties with the smallest risks possible, the analysts from advise to have a look at the following places:

  1. Privada Politécnico Nacional. It’s a small quarter in the blind end street, where three popular strip bars are situated. Here one can enjoy a professional erotic show, order a private dance to be performed by a chosen girl and for additional money invite her to date in the nearest motel for closer contact. Further along the street for the same purposes there is a small cozy restaurant and a few small hotels where a room can be reserved with payment per hour.
  2. Calle Violeta. There are two interesting places in this street that we advise any tourist to visit – Los Tejabanes and Golden Boy. Though they insist on being just classical bars, only girls prepared to offer the clients their intimate services are recruited to work here. The only thing to remember – if you decide to have a sex date with a waitress or dancer there is a moderate “bar fine” to be paid in addition to the agreed prostitute’s fee.
  3. Calle Bolivia. The street cuties work in this street, but whenever police officers happen to be around, they quickly hide in the nearest bars. The reason is that the open sex offers in public places are prohibited, which means that the street girls have to be very careful when looking for clients. Nevertheless, this obstacle doesn’t reduce their number, several dozens of night professionals working regularly in Bolivia street.

If your target is the costly escort services in Puerto Vallarta, it makes sense to address either the local professional agencies, where only the girls of model-type parameters work, or to the specialized online dating sites. Otherwise, you may fail to find a partner cool enough for the elite category, who will just offer you a standard range of intimate entertainment.

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